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Nosso Lugar ao Sol

Our Place in the Sun

At some point in her youth, the woman with frizzy hair in her patterned dress posed in front of a not-so-faded landscape, with her drink bottle, perhaps already empty, for a person equipped with photographic equipment. Probably confident in the technological device’s capacity to not only seize that moment of joy, but to overcome time, she stretched her body, weight supported on her arms, legs half-open, in undeniable well-being; she also tilted her head and looked into the distance, diverting both the present observer, behind the ready lens, and the hypothetical future spectator, in front of the paper copy. On her face, the countenance of contentment and delight. 

Text by Paula Ramos, curator, researcher and art history critic.

2 Nosso lugar ao Sol _ Rochele Zandavalli 9 x 7 cm. Fotografia, raspagem e esmalte de unha
5 Nosso lugar ao Sol _ Rochele Zandavalli_ Fotografia, pintura com aquarelas, costuras. R$
Nosso lugar ao Sol 40x25 cm.jpg
1 Nosso lugar ao Sol _ Rochele Zandavalli. Fotografia, costuras, esmalte de unhas 9 x7 cm
Nosso lugar ao Sol -  Rochele Zandavalli
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