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Todos esses novos adoradores do sol - Rochele Zandavalli (8).jpg
_Me desculpe, foi apenas um lapso_semtítulo6 Fotografia papel matte, 80x80cm.jpg

Me desculpe,
foi apenas um lapso

Forgive me, it was only a lapse

Rochele_Zandavalli_Me desculpe, foi apenas um lapso_semtítulo3.jpg
The series is made up of snapshots taken between 2000 and 2016. They are personal, autobiographical records that did not intend to be exposed as art in their origins, but which reached a density that made me rethink their importance. , meaning and potency. The vernacular aesthetics, as well as the flaws and eliminations, are enhanced in the sense of symbolizing the imperfections of life and affective relationships. The fragility of the artifice of photography as memory is presented in the noise and incompleteness of the images. These images are our faded ghosts, but they are also blinding lights, as in the first look. Pure irony: in an attempt to make life eternal, we register its impermanence. The series was published in a photobook by Cactus Edições, and exhibited at Festival Encontros da Imagem, Portugal, and Autumn Photograph, in Spain.
5.Polaroids Rochele Zandavalli- 80x80cm.jpg
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