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Todos esses novos adoradores do sol - Rochele Zandavalli (8).jpg
Rip Vibez Coleção 2022-66.jpg
Rip Vibez Coleção 2022-28.jpg

Collab R.I.P Vibez 

Rip Vibez Coleção 2022-66.jpg
Collab RIP Vibez & Rochele Zandavalli created objects of exuberant delicacy, wearable resin artifacts that emerge from cutting and sewing old photographs. There are necklaces and brooches in unique pieces, which unite RIP Vibez's interest in crystallizing the details of the world, and Rochele Zandavalli's in experimenting with photographic supports and formats. The translucency of the resin further highlights the mysterious and fascinating opacity of the images.
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