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Todos esses novos adoradores do sol - Rochele Zandavalli (8).jpg
5 Morangos Mofam _ Rochele Zandavalli (1).jpg


Strawberries Rot

2 Morangos Mofam _ Rochele Zandavalli (3).jpg

Similar aspects permeate Oculto (2009), in which the human (performative), vegetal (projective) and photographic (technical) skins/layers amalgamate in the image, as well as, in particular, in Morangos mofam (2019), vanitas par excellence, revealing in the close-up the energetic and unavoidable action of time, the maceration of matter, energy, beauty and, why not, the image.


Excerpt from the curatorial text of the exhibition Nosso Lugar ao Sol, at the UFRGS Cultural Center, 2019. Text by Paula Ramos, curator, researcher and critic in History of Art.

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